Animatic Storyboard Style Music Videos

I like making semi-animated music videos (usually called animatic or storyboard videos) for Toxik Idols’ songs to capture ideas I have for future fully animated videos. I don’t know how to do full animation so in the meantime, animatics are pretty easy to make and still fun to watch.

These music videos do not follow any of the story lines depicted in The Toxik Idols webcomic, but instead represent music video ideas that the band would come up with in their fictional world.

Art note-
When making these videos I’m trying to get the storyboard idea down as quickly as possible, so I sketch, ink, scan and color the images as fast as I can. Because of this the art style is looser and less detailed than The Toxik Idols webcomic.

Here’s a playlist of all of the Toxik Idols' animatic videos I’ve made so far.

Official Lyric Videos

Here’s a playlist of all of the Toxik Idols’ official lyric videos (in the same order as they appear on the full album).
The images across the bottom represent each band member and the word balloons show you which Idol is singing at any given moment.