"Death Pop Electric"

Studio album by The Toxik Idols.
Released: 12-21-12
Recorded: Sept. - Oct. 2012
Genre: Rock
Length: 36:51
Label: SintoxiKation Records

Formats: audio compact disc, mp3, streaming audio, streaming video. 

  • 1. Anthem for the Midnight Generation 3:39
  • 2. Everyday is Halloween 3:53
  • 3. Deth Hippies on L.S.D 4:29
  • 4. Graveyard Superstar 3:21
  • 5. Scream 4:06
  • 6. Dead Forever 3:26
  • 7. R U Ready 2 Go? 3:30
  • 8. Kiss 4:00
  • 9. Bang-Bang! Boom-Boom! 3:31
  • 10. Nightmare in Dreamland [instrumental] 2:56

All tracks written and performed by The Toxik Idols
All lyrics by Ded
Recorded at Toxik Island Studios, U.S.A.
Produced by Robert Elliot
Engineered and recorded by Lane Roarke
Assisted by Bernard Foxx
Mixed at Toxik Island Studios by Lane Roarke and Robert Elliot
Mastered by Paul Abbott at Zen Mastering, San Diego, CA.
Band photography, design and layout: Frank Kaat
All tracks administered by Mega Mutation Musik inc.
Library of Congress SR# 1-857092701
Universal Product Code: 7 93573 19376 6

                                         PRODUCTION NOTES

"Deth Hippies on L.S.D. contains sampled dialogue from the CNDB special report entitled "Toxik Idols: Subculture Of Destruction?"
Sample used by permission of CNDB News Corp.

Cheers on "Bang-Bang! Boom-Boom!" performed by the girls of the Klaringtonn High School cheerleading squad.

                                           PACKAGING NOTES

Physical CD gate-fold packaging contains special UV printing which, when held at an angle in the right lighting, reveals hidden artwork. Disc also includes a full color, 12 page art and lyric booklet.

The Toxik Idols "Death Pop Electric" gate-fold CD with 12 page booklet.