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The Toxik Idols are a fictional, illustrated rock band with real music and a serial, longform webcomic (see attention below about updates).

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Watch the official Toxik Idols webcomic trailer below!
(Length: 57 seconds. Includes snippet of The Toxik Idols’ music.)


Now that part 1 & 2 of The Toxik Idols webcomic is finished (after 54 weeks of posting), it’s a perfect spot to take a break on the story so I can focus on creating some new Toxik Idols music videos and putting together print editions for part 1&2!!
After I finish some vids and some new promotional art, the webcomic will return with “Part 3: Origin of The Toxik Idols”.
In the meantime you can read Part one and Part two right here.
New art and video updates will continue during this break!
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Music Video!

The Toxik Idols wander into a redneck bar for a little karaoke party! Unfortunately, things don’t end well for the rednecks.

Watch the music video below!

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