The Toxik Idols (L-R) Ded, Stitches, P-bot, Sinndee, Rivet

Backstory Summary:

The Toxik Idols are the world’s first and only “undead” rock band. Created from the stitched together parts and pieces of recently deceased rock musicians and wannabe pop stars, the four resulting bodies were then reanimated back to life through a secret, scientific process in an attempt to create the ULTIMATE rock band. Due to an extensive and ongoing cover up campaign, the band’s fans and the public at large remain completely unaware of this.

Created sometime between 2010 and 2012 by disgraced surgeon, inventor and multimillionaire Dr. Robert Elliot, and utilizing the recording skills of award winning hard rock producer Lane Roarke, The Toxik Idols quickly rose to worldwide fame.

Massive tours and multi-million dollar merchandising deals followed, thanks in no small part to the fact that Dr. Elliot, in an attempt to maximize the band’s influence, embedded subliminal messages into The Toxik Idols’ recorded music tracks. As a result, teens and young adults who hear their music quickly become infatuated with the band, their merchandise and, most importantly, their anarchistic ideology.

In a world obsessed with celebrity worship, most people are unable to see through the band’s rock god personas and understand what it is that they really are: pre-packaged, pop culture monsters designed to influence the youth of the world into acts of rebellion, chaos and disorder.

Our story begins when 15 year old mega-fan Brian Bailey accidentally discovers The Toxik Idols’ secret. Now they know Brian’s learned the truth and he’s on the run for his life!
But can he stay alive long enough to expose The Toxik Idols for what they really are?

Main Characters (so far)

Brian Bailey

Your average, kind of quiet 15 year old suburban kid. Into BMX, video games and music. Became a Toxik Idols fan in junior high, a year before discovering their terrible secret.

Tyler Erickson

Brian’s best friend since grade school. Slightly obnoxious and impulsive, always seems to fall into trouble. Digs skateboarding, gaming, punk and metal. Big time Toxik Idols fan.

Dr. Robert Elliot

Inventor, multimillionaire and former surgeon. Creator and manager of The Toxik Idols. Equal parts genius and madman who created The Toxik Idols to fulfill a diabolical plan for revenge against a society which he feels has wronged him.

Lane Roarke

Award winning music producer, engineer and songwriter. Became disgruntled by the business side of music and walked away at the height of his career. Approached by Dr. Elliot  soon after and became his right hand man. Engineers and Produces all of The Toxik Idols’ recordings.

A Few Facts You Should Know About The Toxik Idols:

-They are undead so, like the vampire, they'll never die and they'll never grow old- as long as they feed.

-They must eat human flesh to stay alive but they’re not zombies in the traditional sense. They carry no virus and can’t “turn” people with their bite.

-They don’t have any recollection of their former lives.

-They’re not nocturnal. They function perfectly well in the sunlight, but they don't particularly enjoy it.

-The general population has no idea that they are “undead.” Their fans, and the world at large, believe that their zombie look and imagery is just a Goth-rock stage persona.

This graphic will help you better understand how The Toxik Idols were created-

About The Author

The Toxik Idols were created and illustrated by Len Enders. He also writes, performs and records all of The Toxik Idols’ music.
Len is mildly obsessed with pop culture, scary movies and nerdy stuff.
He grew up in Washington State and spent many years in Southern California. Currently he can be found in Seattle, Washington.

Len Enders (left) is pictured here with his Spirit Animal, Drunk Jason Voorhees.
Rarely captured in photos, “Drunk Jason” can only be summoned via multiple vodka drinks or shots of Fireball.