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It's a party in the USA!

Penciling and inking the webcomic promo poster.

Dr. Elliot and Ded in the studio concept art.

P-Bot meme idea.

Rivet concept art.

Stitches' studio guitar/amp set up concept art.

Inking some of the webcomic pages.

Early concept art.

Ded meme idea.

Rivet in studio concept art.

Sinndee meme idea.

Tour poster idea.

Magazine cover idea.

Just getting started with the very first pages!

Toxik protesters concept art.

Lane Roarke (seated) and Dr. Elliot in the Toxik Island studio early concept art.

Bernard Foxx (left, seated), Dr. Elliot, Stitches and Sinndee studio concept art.

Promo art for "Everyday Is Halloween" single.

Promo stuff idea.

Dr. Robert Elliot in the lab concept art.

Stitches meme idea.

Club show flier idea.

Toxik Idols promo poster.